Hemp was legal before 1937. The Hearst paper manufacturing (who supplied the paper to Hearst's Newspaper empire) and The Dupont co. (who made the chemicals to produce paper, and made plastics from crude) began a conspiracy to make all forms of Cannabis illegal. To wipe out the natural competition they banned hemp, using lies about marijuana as a drug. (Propaganda like: Reefer Madness). They convinced the public with no researched facts or extensive laboratory studies, and made sure Hemp/Cannabis didn't replace their business.There are too many positives to legalizing and utilizing Hemp. Hemp is the solution to many of the problems that are facing the modern world: deforestation, acid rain, the green house effect, erosion, pollutants, starvation, and limited fossil fuels; and hemp production could provide jobs and increased revenues to our rural areas as well as save billions of dollars on a personal level as well as in taxes. Over 25,000 products can be manufactured from hemp, from cellophane to dynamite.

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