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Stop the Arresting of Marijuana Smokers!

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It's time to put to rest the myth that marijuana smoking is a fringe or deviant activity, engaged in by those on the margins of society. In reality, marijuana smoking is extremely common, and marijuana is the recreational drug of choice for millions of hard-working, middle class Americans.

Marijuana smokers in this country are no different from their non-using peers, except for their use of marijuana. Like most Americans, they are responsible citizens who work hard, raise families, contribute to their communities and want a safe, crime free neighborhood in which to live.

Otherwise law-abiding citizens who smoke marijuana are not part of the crime problem, and we must stop treating them like criminals. Arresting and jailing marijuana smokers serves no legitimate purpose, and it has a terribly destructive impact on the lives, careers and families of the more than 800,000 marijuana smokers arrested each year in this country.

I urge you to support a change in federal criminal law that would focus law-enforcement efforts against violent criminals, and end the practice of arresting and jailing otherwise law-abiding marijuana smokers.

Please reform the marijuana laws and stop arresting marijuana smokers.

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It's that simple! We thank you and so does every unjustly prosecuted cannabis user!